by Christine Carbo

Living in a rural state like Montana, it’s difficult to feel connected to the book business, let alone other writers of crime fiction. When I joined RMMWA, I was dubious at first. I assumed most of the good networking and action took place in Denver, where the vast majority of RMMWA events seemed to be held. However, after six years of membership, RMMWA proved me wrong. I have found the organization to be extremely supportive across the region. It has helped me stay connected with other writers and given me the chance to learn from well-qualified, industry professionals. Deadlines never fails to fascinate me, and I always read every word. One upside of the pandemic (if there is one) is that monthly presentations are now online and anyone can participate, whether you live a few miles from the border of Canada—or Mexico. RMMWA has promoted authors in the Rocky Mountain region with complete professionalism, innovation, and enthusiasm. I’m so glad I joined. As my adult kids sometimes say, I’ve found my peeps!

Christine Carbo is the author of the Glacier Mystery novels, an ensemble series set in and around Glacier National Park. Her books include The Wild Inside, Mortal Fall, The Weight of Night, and A Sharp Solitude (Atria Books/Simon and Schuster). She is a recipient of the Women’s National Book Association Pinckley Prize, the Silver Falchion Award, the High Plains Book Award, and was short-listed for the Barry Award. Christine has an MA in English/Linguistics, and lives with her family in Whitefish, Montana. Find out more at